We are experienced Japanese Paper Conservation Studio
specialised in Buddist Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do new mounting /storation work take to complete?

New mounting usually takes one month to complete, due to natural
drying process, which can varies, depending on Japan’s climate.
Restoration of an aged piece can be anywhere from one month to a
year depending on the condition of the artwork(s).
We are able to discuss more of the general restoration time, through
images and descriptions provided by customers. Once we have
received the actual piece, we are able to confirm the restoration
time and process.

Q: How much does it cost for new mounting and restoration?

It all depends on what fabric materials used for the mounting. We
have a wide range of selections in our studio, which includes damask
and gold brocades.
For restoration, it will depend on the condition, how much restoration
and preservation is required for the aged item.
If you have a budget, please feel free to ask.

Q: Is it possible to restore the aged art works?

Yes, but depend on the condition of the item and how much
restoration work is required. Restoration work covers removing stains,
tears, creases in the painting(s), scroll(s) and folding screen(s).
If the piece is deteriorated over time and the natural pigments
are lost or unstable, it can be restored. For examples of our
work please click on this link.


Q: Is it possible to change the size of the scroll?

Yes, it is possible. We can change the length and width of
the scroll at your request, as well shorten the scroll bar.

Q: Payment

We accept payments through PayPal which accepts all major
credit cards. We also accept wire transfer. (Please contact us
for our account details.)

Q: Delivery

Shipping for restoration work to be done needs to be arranged by
the customer. All items are shipped by EMS (Express Mail Service),
which will provide a tracking number for the customer. Arrival time of
item will depend on the destination.







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